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About Us

Company  History.
The Vintage Garden Store was born out of our love for gardening and things old. We spent a number of years in the Antique Trade dealing in things mainly wood. We decided to combine our enjoyment of gardening with our love of antiques and gather together interesting and vintage garden tools and other features.
Both the styles and construction of garden tools from yesteryear, we feel, are superior to modern equivalents in many ways. They stand the test of time and good examples can be used today, with many people preferring them to the modern versions.With the increase in barn conversions and conservatories these tools and features make pleasing and interesting  decoration to any home.

Old larger garden implements make interesting features for gardens of any size and can be incorporated into settings or simply stand on their own.
We would like to think that we can preserve some of these garden tools and equipment as a reminder of how gardening was carried out many years ago.
 We hope you enjoy browsing through our stock and should you wish to purchase any thing , then please telephone, email or visit us at one of the events we attend through the year. ( see the "Calendar Events" page for details ).
Thank you for your interest.
John and Carole Matthews.
The Vintage Garden Store
Mobiles: 07967-128294 / 07759-393481